• fossilized-wood-madagascar-10inch-sq


 The wood grain preserved in this ancient stone fossil is simply unbelievable. It’s one of the most dramatic natural artworks you’ll ever see! I could not believe how clean and perfect this 200 million year old fossil stone was when I took the first slice from the rough petrified log. The growth rings are rivaled only by the appealing natural color spectrum that the log is preserved in.

This is an ancient Araucaria tree, one of the earliest conifers on the planet and ancestor of modern trees like sequoia and fir. This one is cut extra thick and it would make a most unique and beautiful presentation plate whether to be used as a sculpture base, serving plate, trivet or just displayed and admired on its own.

The cavity in the stone is a natural rot cavern that was in the tree trunk before it was petrified. The colors in this piece are in the sweet spot for contemporary decor and the quality of work we produce in our rockshop is unrivaled. The polish is brilliant and wet looking and shows all of the color and wood structure the way it ought to be!!

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