Hyper-inflated currencies: German Mark, Zimbabwe Dollar, Argentinian Peso, Venezula Bolivar, Lebanese Pound, melt onto the Bitcoin Iceberg. The Quartz Bitcoin ‘iceberg’ absorbs all of the melting ‘fiat’ value.

Oregon Fire Opal shows Inflation. Three Quartz sphere feet, are spaced in a ratio to produce a triangle with a 6.15 hypotenuse. The iceberg has 9 sides. The numbers 3,6,9 are a design basis for this piece. The iceberg is placed at 21 degrees to the vertical.

The matching necklace jewel also has a Fire Opal ‘inflation’ flame, and a Quartz melting ice cube, with a ‘$” symbol on Lapis Lazuli. The Gold disc with Bitcoin takes this value.

Turn over the jewel and you see a hand-engraved wormhole. The Bitcoin value creates a new planet with Bitcoin at its core. Made from Moss Agate backed with Gold foil. There is an Orange and White Diamond crystal necklace, with a Silver Infinity clasp.

Price: 0.50 BTC

I prefer payment in Bitcoin via Lightning.

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