A Stunning Example of Gem Carving

Eight hand-carved Crystal horses dance on top of a superb Rutilated Quartz specimen stone. Accented with a hand-carved wood base. Truly  ‘one of a kind’. A masterpiece of the gem carvers art.

Eight Chun map

China‘s top crystal carving art collection.

This crystal carving treasure is based on the eight horses of King Mu of Zhou Dynasty. The eight horses are of different shapes, elegant and vivid.

It’s a very popular painting since the Six Dynasties. A depiction of eight good horses that King Mu of Zhou drove for when he visited Kunlun mountain.

The theme has been handed down for thousands of years. It has been copied by poets and painters of all ages. It is the pinnacle of classical painting in the world!!

Price: BTC – 1.60, USD $100000. (BTC = $60000 USD)

I prefer payment in Bitcoin via Lightning. I offer a 5% discount for this. I also accept USD stable coins and other cryptos.

Payment with USD Dollars may involve extra fees. PayPal charges 3.9% for international orders.

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