Stunning Quartz Crystal- 21 facets, curved, natural, and fracture surfaces. Optical quartz hand carved to show the qualities of Bitcoin. There are 21 facets, some engraved with Bitcoin, lightning, and infinity symbols. There is a curved face to represent the curved space-time infinity. This is engraved with the stars of ‘Orion the Hunter’.

I have left one crystal face with natural etching to show the original meta concept. A broken surface with a conchoidal fracture, shows how Bitcoin has had to survive multiple attempts to break it.

The Lapis Lazuli base shows the infinity of the heavens as imagined by Ancient Egypt. The Silver plaque is engraved with the block time when this was completed.

Price: 0.5 BTC

I prefer payment in Bitcoin via Lightning.

Payment in USD Dollars may involve extra fees. PayPal charges 3.9% for international orders.

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