“Bitcoin Peace Defeats Fiat War”

A 250 Million years old Ammonite Fossil from when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The ammonite shows the logarithmic spiral of life and nature.

This sits on crushed quartz crystals  to represent the piezoelectric effect where energy is changed into time via vibration, just as in the Bitcoin time chain.

There is a 20-sided Quartz Crystal Dice with an extra 21st facet. There is a secret feature. I drilled a hole deep into the Quartz.

An orange Garnet gem placed inside the Quartz at the Vertex is reflected in 5 facets! This Kaleidoscope effect makes it look as though there are 5 gems inside. Only visible looking down from the top. The gem vanishes at any other angle! I love physics.

The Quartz sits on a Silver plinth with five sides, engraved with: ‘FIAT’, ‘TAX’, ‘LIES’, ‘WAR’, ‘STEAL’. Held by rare-earth magnets.

The metaphor is Bitcoin as peace overcoming war, represented by the US military building the ‘pentagon’ that sits like a cancer tumor, on the perfect mother nature ammonite shell.

The Bitcoin crystal overpowers the Fiat Pentagon when placed on top. A disc of Tigers-Eye is set in the handmade clay tray.

Price: Variable

I prefer payment in Bitcoin . An Invoice will be sent with a QR code for easy payment from your wallet.

Payment with USD Dollars is an extra 6.5%. PayPal & Square charge 3.9% for international orders and banks charge 2.5% conversion fees on deposits.

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