I designed this to celebrate Bitcoins issuance over time. The first Bitcoin was mined in 2009. The last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140.

The 132 years are divided into 33 Epochs, every 4 years in length.

I created Four Silver squares, linked together. Each silver square, get smaller in size, by half its area, to illustrate the halving of Bitcoin rewards every 4 years.

Each square is decorated with hand engraving. Cross-hatching with a lined graver creates the Florentine decoration.

The squares float above a beautiful, petrified wood that is millions of years old.

There is an Octahedral, or double pyramid, shaped crystal of Flourite to mark the target of the last Bitcoin, number 21 million in 2140. The Silver pattern is angled at 21 degrees to the vertical.

A brass spiral shows the graph of Bitcoin’s price over time. The center of the spiral starts in 2009 and grows out towards the outer edge.

Three natural Diamond crystals in the shape of cubes, mark the halving dates of 2013, 2017 and 2021. These are secured on white gold pins.

The petrified wood is an African, Woodworthia, tree. This is 250 million years old, from the Triassic period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Crystals of quartz have grown to fill holes in the wood. This creates a beautiful effect.

The back of the fossilized wood has a Silver plate, with my signature and the block time on completion – 734,000.

Presented in a handmade Black Walnut wooden Box with an engraved brass plate that details the artwork.

This gemstone art sculpture was inspired by a tweet called the Digital Rai by Wicked Smart Bitcoin @w_s-bitcoin.


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