Melting Ice – Design Concept

There are many Layers of meaning in this gem artwork.

‘Fiat’ Melting Ice Cube Gem Sculpture in Quartz, Fire Opal, Black Obsidian, Gold. The orange Opal shows the Fire of Inflation.

The major currencies are shown, on the sides of a melting ice-cube. Hyper-inflated currencies: German Mark, Zimbabwe Dollar, Argentinian Peso, Venezeulan Bolivar, and the Lebanese Pound, have already melted onto the Ice. The Quartz Bitcoin ‘ice floe’ absorbs all of the melting ‘fiat’ value.

Three Quartz ball feet, are spaced in a ratio to produce a triangle with a 6.15 hypotenuse. The iceberg has 9 sides. The numbers 3,6,9 are a design basis for this piece. The iceberg is placed at 21 degrees to the vertical.