Artist Bio – Gareth Eckley

Making Beautiful Jewelry & Gemstone Art for over 40 Years! Now creating Bitcoin Art with Gemstone Carving and Precious Gems.

Hello, I am Gareth Eckley. I make gemstone Art for Bitcoiners. Great art provokes an emotional response. Important Bitcoin concepts can be explained in a beautiful art piece.

I’ve been exploring Bitcoin for the last three years. After many hours of going down the rabbit hole, I decided that from January 1st, 2022, I would devote a hundred percent of myself to promoting Bitcoin, its acceptance, and its adoption.

I wondered how I could help. I don’t have a background in finance, a computer degree, or detailed knowledge of cryptography.

What I do know is how to make beautiful jewels with gemstones, diamonds, gold, and silver, that have an impact on people. Creative ideas come to me easily. I can translate these concepts into visual art.

This is my superpower. I use all my skills and experience to make my Bitcoin-inspired, gemstone art and jewelry.