Gareth – Art of Satoshi

Inspired by Faberge, Ancient Egypt, Lalique and Dali. A lifetime spent perfecting my craft of gemstone carving. Now I create original gemstone art to celebrate Bitcoin.


Gareth on "Bitcoin Muse" Podcast

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The best Art tells a story and reveals a deeper truth. Bitcoin concepts can be revealed with physical bitcoin art.

Gems are immutable, and everlasting, just like the bitcoin blockchain. Hand-made art is the ultimate ‘proof of work’. I have been perfecting my craft for 40 years!

My life’s work has been to create precious gemstone art that generations will cherish.

I love the treasures of the earth and ancient history. Gem carving has been a lifelong passion.

I use my skills and experience, to reveal the true elegance of Bitcoin. This is how I can help to grow our network.

Clients for his gem carving & jewelry: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a Crown Prince of Dubai, a Prime Minister of Canada, a US Senator, Lady Diana Gibson-Watt, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Janice Mitchell, Lady J. Evans-Bevan…